Our Story

We are three siblings living in Portugal and abroad. Our childhood summers were spent in the Algarve back when it was still off the beaten track. With the excessive tourist development, we decided to part with our summer house. In 2016 we agreed to look for a new meeting place for our families.

We had strict criteria: close to Lisbon, close to nature and an ocean view. When we first drove in to the 5 hectare property, time slowed down as the ocean came into view. It was owned by a German-Italian couple who made this their sanctuary. They walked to the beach every day, grew their own vegetables and created magical spots throughout the property.

We renovated the main house to accommodate our families whilst preserving the original spirit of living in nature, facing the endless ocean. We worked with renowned architect Henrique Barro Gomes to bring our project to life – a harmonious blend of award-winning contemporary design, comfortable living spaces and the wild nature surroundings.